born from the mind of a teacher with a creative soul and a taste for fashion, who decides to change the course of his life to make his hobby his profession.
What at first were simple sketches on a piece of paper gradually took shape and after many trials, dedication and curling the curl was born , a young clothing brand with a casual style, very versatile and with a great identity of its own.
And why this brand name? Well then, means "ground" in English, and refers to the moment in the creator's life, starting from scratch in a new industry, from the bottom up, with his feet on the ground and with great enthusiasm.
And why these colors? The three colors that sustain , allude to the three brothers of the creator, who have been a key part of his creation.
Talk about It is also talking about a lifestyle associated with brave, daring people, who like to get out of their comfort zone to achieve new challenges or carry out activities that make them get the best out of themselves.
That is why our brand slogan is " GO FOR IT ", going forward, with attitude and for everything we propose.
All our garments, creations, designs and actions are impregnated with " GO FOR IT " and from now on we want you to also feel part of this Community of Grounders that little by little we are creating.
Will you join us on this great adventure, which like any other, begins in the ?