Eco-friendly and sustainability

On ground. We are very committed to the environment. We are in love with nature, which is why we want to preserve it and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

organic cotton

Three proofs of it

1 - Our packaging is 100% Plastic free , made from sugar cane or recycled cardboard boxes. Even the adhesive tape with which we close the boxes is made from recycled paper.

2 - We are very careful with the amount of stock we produce, so as not to generate waste . Therefore, if you see something on our website, get it as soon as possible because in most cases we do not restock.

3 - All our t-shirts are organic cotton . That means they are more durable and resistant, since they are not subjected to treatments with harsh chemicals. Being free of toxic residues, the garment is softer and more breathable. It is beneficial both for the consumer's skin and for the land where it is grown, reducing pollution.

24 hour shipping

We only use express shipments, since we know how much you want to receive it. Since the package leaves our warehouse, it will arrive at your home within 24 hours. So you can enjoy your ground clothes. as soon as possible.

Ethical Production

On the ground. We only use suppliers with WRAP, OEKO TEX and/or Fair wear certificates. They assure us fair working conditions for their workers and respect for the environment.

wrap fair wear oeko tex organic cotton

The WRAP certificate shows that you treat your workers with dignity and respect, and are aware of the impact your operation has on the environment.

The OEKO TEX ® certificate proves that no harmful substances have been used in the manufacture of the textile product.

The Fair Wear Foundation certificate is based on guaranteeing that the eight international labor standards derived from human rights have been respected.

So all the clothes you wear from ground. They will have been produced with respect, both environmental and human.

Premium quality and own designs

On the ground. We use the best fabrics so that the garments are durable and pleasant to the touch.

All of our t-shirts are made from premium organic cotton and we create timeless designs inspired by everything that surrounds the PEAKS - WHEELS - SEA.

own timeless designs premium quality cotton

Have a ground garment. It is synonymous with quality and comfort, as well as exclusivity, since we are very careful with the amount of stock we produce, so as not to generate waste.

Secure payment:

Through our website, you can make secure payments by credit card, debit card or PayPal. To verify that a web page is secure, you have to look at the padlock that appears in the search bar. That padlock means that the website has the SSL certificate, which makes it a secure website and you can make the purchase with confidence.