Plantamos un árbol por cada prenda 🌳

We plant a tree for each garment 🌳

Since Ground.2019 was born, we were clear that one of our brand values ​​is to preserve and care for nature . As we have said many times, we love to enjoy it and all the moments it gives us. Watching a sunset, surfing a wave or contemplating the landscape from the top of the mountain, are things that we do regularly and that we love.

For this reason, today we are in luck since Ground. add one more action to care for the environment ♻️

We have contacted organizations to reduce our carbon footprint and we are especially excited to tell you that for a few weeks we have been collaborating with Tree-Nation and planting a tree for each garment you buy in our store.

we plant a tree

This action together with:

- Organic cotton

- Timeless clothing and designs

- Ethical productions to avoid producing waste

-All our packaging is plastic-free

We try to contribute our grain of love to mother earth.

When you find something in our store, you will automatically receive an email with the collaboration certificate. Can you help us help?

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