¿Necesitas lavar tu gorra?

Do you need to wash your hat?

On ground. we help you with it.

It is very simple and you will avoid discoloring or deforming your cap.

You only need:

STEP 1: 

Fill a bucket with water at about 30° and add a little neutral soap or detergent (with active oxygen).

STEP 2: 

Put the cap in the bucket and move it around in the water. If the cap has stains, we can gently rub the area with our fingers and then leave it in the bucket for 12-15 minutes.


It is advisable to let it dry indoors or if we are in a hurry, with a dryer with the option of cold air at a distance of between 20-30 cm.

READY! You already have your perfect cap again.

Finally, the NOT when you clean your cap:

- Do not use a washing machine ( Hand washing your cap is always the most reliable method) .
- Do not use products that are very strong (such as bleach) .
- Do not rub with a cloth , towel or similar (neither wet nor dry).
- Do not use a dryer .
- Do not let dry in the sun .
- Do not dry with a hot dryer and/or very close to your cap.
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