Ground. around the world

Ground. around the world

We welcome you to our blog with the first entry: “ Ground. around the world”

As we have said on occasion, Ground. It is found both in Spain and in the United Kingdom, so our garments will be present in both countries and even cross their borders. For this reason, we have proposed the hashtag #ground2019 and #groundaroundtheworld for those of you who want to share your Ground looks. wherever you are.

We like to travel and for this reason we have been especially excited that our first post “Ground. around the world” came to us from Porto (Portugal). Our #grounder Nadia decided to combine two of our products in her look: the ground t-shirt. points and our maroon hat , both garments from our first collection. We think that the combination of our clothes with the black jacket, skinny jeans and white sneakers is a very Ground look. during his visit to Porto.

Nadia tells us that she took this photo on the " Ponte de Luis I " and that it is one of the most emblematic figures of the city of Porto. He comments that from there you can see a panoramic view of the Duero River as it passes through the city, as well as the neighborhoods that have been born on both sides of the river. Other notable points that he loved and recommend us are La Lello e Irmão , the Porto Cathedral , Casa da Música and La Ribeira among others.

Thank you very much Nadia for your photo.

Thank you very much for reading us


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