We say goodbye to 2019

Today laid off 2019 and with him a year of beginnings, dreams fulfilled and many ground moments.
In 2019 an idea was born, which together with two very excited minds to make a dream come true, gradually began to walk
We are always guided by the philosophy that frames our brand today: Go for it!

We were sure that we wanted to move forward, that we wanted to translate our designs into garments, make people feel good about wearing them and Motivate the world that everything is possible if you put attitude to the projects
A few weeks ago we presented you our little ground. and we cannot be more grateful to our first followers, our first clients, our first surprises and our first stories behind our brand.

Thank you very much for the support and we encourage you to also set goals, get excited and get where you want to go

Remember, if you have a ground moment, it is because you decided to take an unknown path, and only the brave do this


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