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Glacier curiosities

Getting inspired by glaciers for our Perito Moreno Sweatshirt has made us delve into its curiosities and we want to share some of them with you through our blog. These have been the 5 curiosities that we liked the most.

Did you know...

1 - Glaciers are freshwater

Many people know that they are freshwater, but they don't know that you have 75% of the planet's freshwater. They are considered strategic reserves of fresh water since they are responsible for "saving" the water in the form of snow in winter for the following months.

2- Glaciers are vital to the ecosystem

They are so important because thanks to them our planet can maintain a natural climatic and hydraulic balance. They are the natural water reserves of our planet.

3- If the glaciers are extinguished

Some of the consequences would be:

  • sea ​​level rise
  • Changes in the weather, making it more extreme
  • Less fresh water for the population, energy and irrigation
  • Species extinction

4- Its blue color shows its density

They say that if we see a blue glacier it is because its ice is dense, on the other hand if we see it white it is because it still has air bubbles inside.

5- Stop its melting

It is based on stopping the rise in temperatures. We can help with things as simple as:

  • Recycle - It costs nothing to have several bins and separate the garbage
  • Use the car as little as possible
  • Reuse plastic bags or use cloth bags
  • Save water whenever possible
  • Save electricity

We hope you like the curiosities we have found about glaciers as much as we do. For these and many other reasons, at ground. We wanted to pay homage to the glaciers with the PERITO MORENO sweatshirt - With its coordinates and silhouette engraved on a glacier blue organic cotton sweatshirt.

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