¿Cuál es mi talla?

What is my size?

This is the typical question that many of us ask ourselves when we buy clothes online .
Today on the ground. We are going to show you an example-advice so that you can guess what is your size in your purchases 2.0
Let's imagine that you want to buy a ground sweatshirt. but you don't know your size...
You will need to:
measurements of the sweatshirt - A sweatshirt that fits you well
- A tape measure or meter of cloth
- Paper and pen
Step 1: We measure the height and width (at the height of the armpits) with a tape measure or a meter of cloth and we write it down on a piece of paper (Height: X - Width: Y)
maroon sweatshirt
Step 2: We go to the ground website, look for the sweatshirt we like and look at the size guide (always in the description)
Step 3: We compare the measurements that we have noted, with the numbers in the size guide of the sweatshirt that we want to buy. The one that comes closest, that's our size 🎉
compare size guide with your sweatshirt
Step 4 and last: We place the order, and in two days, a new sweatshirt at home 😊
ground box.


  1. Thinking: "As usual I use the M, so I take the M" (ERROOOR). Each manufacturer uses a size guide and to avoid errors it is best to measure yourself. It takes 1 minute to do and is usually effective.
  2. Measuring the BODY instead of the GARMENT (ERROR) will always give us at least two sizes below our size and therefore it will not work for us.
  3. Measuring, not writing down the measurements, opening the size guide, not remembering what the sweatshirt measured, and having to measure again (ALWAYS HAPPENS) 😆

We hope this example-advice will help you choose your size when buying online👏

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